my lack of love, it grows and grows.

July 12, 2015

With each passing day in Victoria, I am reminded of how much I absolutely do not get along with this city–or perhaps, in particular, this campus part of town.  Everything from the early closing hours to the overuse of one-way streets, to the premium costs of….everything…and the mild weather–I can’t stand this place.  I even despise the fact that the gym is located on the roof of an upscale shopping multi-complex.  Who the fuck wants to collide with dolled-up shoppers while dripping in sweat coming out of the gym? And vice versa? Who the fuck wants to have to battle the rush hour mall traffic just to go for a run on the treadmill?  Whose dumb idea was this?  Oh, and apparently we can’t park directly outside the gym because that part of the parking lot…oh, it belongs to the mall.  Gym-goers, please park at the very bottom floor of the underground parking so you can get a warm-up taking the multiple flights of stairs up to the gym because the elevator will keep you waiting about 10 minutes. I warn you.  This place is insane.

My lack of love for Victoria–it only continues to intensify every single summer I am here.

But, of course, I have to get through the next 5 weeks.  So, notes to self – remember this in times of overwhelming stress:

1) It does not need to be perfect, great, or good; it only needs simply to be DONE.  So, do it now.
2) It is okay to have a life outside of studying.  You do not need to study every minute of every day.  It is okay if you want to do other things too; it is okay to sleep.
3) Somehow, shit gets done.  It just does. Don’t think about it or worry about it too much.
4) Remember the bigger picture.  Visualize home.  Visualize life at home.  Visualize people at home.  Visualize life after these dreaded weeks.  There was a life before this and there is a life after this.  This is only a small piece of the journey.


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